What is Cybersafe

CYBERSAFE is a 2-year project funded by the European Union. Nine project partners from various European countries aim to develop, promote and disseminate innovative experiential as well as playful educational ICT tools that facilitate behavioural change among teenagers (12-18) on cyber VAWG.

Why focus on cyber violence against women & girls?

Since the creation of social media platforms, violence against women has escalated in the digital sphere. Over time, the reach and the use of these platforms has continued to proliferate. Essentially, they are new tools used to threaten and intimidate women & girls both offline and online. Research shows that women & girls are specifically targeted by cyber violence. In the European Union 20% of young women have experienced cyber sexual harassment and 14% have experienced cyberstalking since the age of 15.

Social media platforms and online spaces are unregulated in nature and are a fertile ground for perpetrators to threaten and abuse women. Online violence against women can take on various shapes such as sexual harassment, image-based sexual abuse (which is also known as revenge porn) or sexist hate speech and is only recently being recognized by experts as part of a continuum of violence, often starting offline and reverberating online and vice versa, pushing back women from public spaces to the private sphere.

Victim-blaming is compounded by gender-stereotypes and the normalisation of violence against women in the media leads to the invisibilisation of victim’s perspectives.


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  • Policy Department for Citizen’s Rights and Constitutional Affairs – Directorate General for Internal Policies of the Union, Study for the FEMM Committee, 2018 “Cyber violence and hate speech online against women”

What is the objective of the project?

The project aims to create and evidence-based, attitude-changing prevention educational intervention, for teenagers on cyber gender violence against women and girls, applicable to all EU countries. CYBERSAFE will address cyber violence against women and girls and develop a systematic gender sensitive approach to prevent it and promote healthy relationships and gender equality online. The project also aims to develop and promote innovative experiential as well as playful educational ICT tools that facilitate behavioural change among teenagers regarding cyber violence against women and girls. Professionals working with teenagers will also be facilitated to run and implement educational prevention programmes on cyber violence against women and girls.

Our Partners